IT recruitment for cyber security set to increase

New research has predicted that IT and digital recruitment, particularly in relation to cyber security roles, will is expected to increase by nearly a third by the end of 2017.

HR specialist Robert Walters released statistics, as published by IT Pro, forecasting that IT recruitment will rise by 28% by the end of 2017. A majority of 94% of hiring managers are actively seeking senior-level staff while 75% are looking to fill junior roles, and almost all are prepared to invest more to find better-suited candidates compared to the first half of the year.

So, what’s driving this increase? Experts believe that recent major online security incidents such as the May 2017 WannaCry ransomware cyberattack are partly behind the push for new IT specialists. Ahsan Iqbal, associate director at Robert Walters, explains:

“These attacks have highlighted the importance of cyber security, particularly for large businesses dealing with sensitive financial information,”

“As a result, demand for cyber security experts is high, with demand frequently outstripping supply. In addition, developers are highly sought after as many businesses look to develop their digital and online platforms to take advantage of new commercial opportunities.”

Even before WannaCry, demand for cyber security experts was on the rise. Following a year of major data breaches in 2015, Robert Walters was predicting in 2016 that cyber security experts would be the most sought-after IT professionals in 2017 – along with big data specialists. There is a worrying gap in awareness and skills among even established, multi-national organisations, with a recent cyber security seminar revealing that:

  • 60% of breaches can be attributed to a lack of cyber security awareness
  • Larger firms are top targets for hackers, but small companies are hit hardest by attacks
  • Spending on cyber security set to increase throughout 2017, but investing in technical solutions alone may not prevent breaches and attacks
  • Many organisations do not have a formal training programme in place for cyber awareness
  • Not all cyber initiatives within organisations have a strong strategy behind them

Preparing for digital transformation

Another possible reason for increased digital recruitment towards the end of 2017 is the push for digital transformation. Many companies and organisations are embarking on large-scale IT and digital transformation projects which will see their cyber security overhauled and digitalisation ushered in across all parts of the business. Experienced, skilled professionals are desperately needed in a number of IT and digital specialisms to lead, drive and deliver these projects, particularly when it comes to the fast-moving area of cyber security. Mr Iqbal stated:

“This [digital transformation] is driving demand for mid-level specialists who can develop and implement these projects, identifying key areas that require review and producing strategies for addressing them.”

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