Why Use A Recruitment Agency

After 20 years of providing tried and true service to companies all over the UK, SOLOS have some insight into efficient hiring. But why is working with SOLOS so good for finding the ideal candidate for the position your company?

Finding the correct candidate can be difficult even if you manage to generate some interest in your opening; it’s claimed that up to 70% of job seekers have applied for positions they are not qualified to fill. The assistance of an agency can provide the following main advantages:

Access To The Best Candidates

We have access to a diverse group of talented jobseekers, and our database of quality-checked CVs is always growing.

Skilled job candidates frequently lack the time to browse job boards, instead they turn to a recruiter they can rely on, like us, to help them find their ideal job.

Our responsibility is to identify candidates that possess both the technical skills and the values of your business, resulting in a long-term successful hire.

Reduce Staff Turnover

According to estimates, 1 in 3 jobseekers change jobs within the first year of employment. This invariably results in an unsuitable match for both the candidate and employer due to a hurried hiring procedure, which is caused by a lack of options available to the hiring company. By employing a recruitment firm to find the ideal applicant, you can avoid this expensive statistic.

Save Time & Money

Employing SOLOS will save your company time and money because it is quicker and ultimately less expensive than hiring internally. In order to save organisations time and effort, we gather and evaluate CVs, verify references, and screen talented job applicants using the most effective interviewing methods.

Industry Expertise

A successful hire can be achieved by working with a recruitment agency that is familiar with your sector and can provide sector-specific information about market trends, salary ranges, and the skills necessary for success. By taking on board this advice and guidance and reflecting it in your job offering, you will find yourself look a more attractive prospect to the candidates your business was previously struggling to attract..

Enable Business Growth

Employers can concentrate on core business operations and growth while achieving their business objectives by delegating staffing and recruitment tasks to SOLOS. By offering talent that would not have been available otherwise, and support to support to help businesses expand.

Whether you’re a startup, or an established business, we can help you source and select the right talent through our database of candidates. Get in touch today to find out more on 0115 9274400 or alternatively email us at enquiries@solosconsultants.co.uk

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