Our talent is finding yours


If you’re not sure whether your business requires temporary cover or a permanent employee this is the ideal solution to your situation. SOLOS can provide and manage the temporary candidates you require to supplement your workforce, enabling you to reduce overheads in both actual and indirect costs without sacrificing quality. This allows you to make the decision at a later date as to whether or not the position becomes permanent.

Through our Temp-to-Perm Agreement, your Account Manager will be your primary contact. Your Account Manager will coordinate a team that will recruit candidates with specialized skills, high level managers, non-technical specialists, and other contract candidates who fulfil your defined sets of skills and requirements and who are fully capable of working alongside your staff to achieve your company’s objectives. Through the Temp-to-Perm Agreement, we will assume all management responsibilities, including benefits, holidays, sick leave, withholding taxes, insurance and payroll coordination.

In addition to the benefits highlighted above, it also gives you the opportunity to ensure that any potential full time employee has the proven skills and personality to be a long term asset to you and your business.