IT jobs see growth of 12%, despite Brexit concerns

The looming split from the EU is causing anxiety and uncertainty in many industries, but new research has revealed that one industry that is proving to be relatively Brexit-proof is IT.

New figures released by the Robert Walters UK Job Index show that the number of IT jobs in the UK has grown 12% since 2016, looking at growth in vacancies year-on-year. The Index tracks job advertisement volumes on leading jobs boards across a range of sectors, and reports on a quarterly basis.

Researchers compared Q1 in 2016 with the same quarter this year and found that rather than being harmed by uncertainty over Brexit, the UK IT tech sector is continuing to grow. The most sought-after role was software engineer, but the Index’s Associate Director Ahsan Iqbal also highlighted the sector’s obvious need for IT managers with particular skills. He explained to Computer Business Review:

“IT professionals with strong technical proficiency are highly sought after by firms across a range of industries, but IT managers with effective communication and stakeholder management skills are in particularly high demand.”

“As effective cyber security policies become an increasingly high priority, the ability for IT teams to liaise with other areas of the business to develop effective strategies is becoming increasingly vital.”

As for what is causing this significant growth in IT jobs, Mr Iqbal pointed to demand from start-up firms as well as from larger companies investing heavily in bolstering cyber security.

More good news: UK tech sector now worth over £100 billion

As well as really positive growth in IT and tech jobs, the industry is also performing spectacularly well in other areas. The sector is believed to be growing at almost twice the rate of the rest of the economy and is now worth comfortably over £100 billion. Large corporations and leading tech players such as Amazon, Facebook and Google have also expanded their businesses in the UK, in a very positive sign considering that Brexit is on the horizon.

The UK government also seems committed to supporting the growth of the sector, by pledging to invest over £1 billion in the coming years to boost the creation of jobs and to further fire innovation in the sector.

Need help finding the right talent?

Of course, demand for talented, skilled IT professionals is a great indicator of the health of the industry, but it can make life rather interesting for recruiting. Firms with jobs to fill are facing stiff competition from their rivals for the best and brightest talent, and it can be a fast-moving, ruthless business.

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