Could a career in digital be right for you?

Recruitment in other sectors may fluctuate, but digital roles are only increasing in demand – with businesses across virtually all industries in urgent need of the right talent to help them future-proof their businesses. For graduates considering which direction to take, or IT professionals considering a career change, digital could be the ideal solution.

Here are just 5 of the many compelling reasons to consider a career in digital:

  1. You’ll be in demand. The digital world is an extremely buoyant one, where there are quite simply more jobs than there are people to fill them, which is not something you can say for every industry. This means that you’ll need to sharpen up your CV and skills if you want to get ahead. However, it also means that your talents as a web designer, digital marketer or Java developer will be massively in demand, possibly from some of the most innovative companies around. You may have the option to pick and choose which companies you work for, and negotiate salaries and benefits.


  1. Competitive pay. As companies are desperate to get the very best digital talent, they are also prepared to offer competitive salaries and other benefits. Head-hunting and poaching is common in this industry, and digital experts often find their heads turned with impressive job and salary offers.


  1. New challenges as technology advances. If you have any interest in the digital world, you’ll find the latest developments, from new software to shiny new gadgets, hugely exciting. As the technology changes, so will your role – giving you fresh challenges to keep life interesting and enabling you to continue expanding your skill set.


  1. Flexibility. The beauty of many digital roles is that they can be done from anywhere, meaning that there are lots of opportunities for freelancers, sole traders and companies allowing people to work from home. If you’re sick of the traditional 9 to 5, chained-to-your-desk way of working, a career in digital could be for you.


  1. The internet, and the way we use it, is only going to become more advanced and sophisticated, meaning that there will always be a demand for people with digital skills long into the future. Technology is advancing at a breath-taking speed, and the way we use and access the internet is changing all the time. Different companies are at different stages in their digital development, so there will always be one in need of your help.

If you’re tempted by a career in digital but you don’t yet have the skills – don’t worry, there are lots of routes into this fascinating industry. You can take a specialist degree course or consider an apprenticeship or traineeship – for example, the DWP and BBC have recently created a massive 5,000 digital traineeships.

For more advice on digital roles, speak to digital and IT recruitment specialists SOLOS – get in touch to start discussing your career options.


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