Apprenticeship Update

We are delighted to announce that the two recruitment apprentices we hired last year have successfully completed their training in conjunction with East Midlands Chamber and are now permanent members of the Solos team. Joe and Luke signed their employment contracts last week.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch these two young men flourish in skills and confidence over the past twelve months.

As a company we aim to provide regular opportunities for young people through internal apprenticeships but this is the first time we have offered recruitment roles. Our previous apprentices have been within the business support function. Both young men decided that an apprenticeship would suit their career aspirations better than taking the university route and they have exceeded all expectations in terms of personal and professional progress. They have a steady workforce of temporary workers out on client site already and are now aiming to gain more technical recruitment experience.

We will shortly be looking for our next Recruitment Apprentice… this space.



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