A Contractor’s Perspective

A big thank you to one of our Contractors for penning this article for us. Leigh has been contracting through SOLOS since November 2013 and we’re delighted she’s so happy with our service.

A temporary role gives you a good opportunity to focus on your career and its direction without being tied to a certain role.  You can cherry pick until you find your ideal job and at least have a say at how long you wish an assignment to last. You can develop specialist and general office skills more quickly and have the benefit of working at various organisations and learn from each experience. It allows you to be flexible and open to opportunities. Freedom and variety I think are the key positive words here.

Once you have secured a temporary assignment the employer gets the chance to see you at your best, and in turn you can evaluate if this is an organisation you feel you want to stay with longer term if the chance presents itself.

The disadvantages I would put forward is first and foremost the lack of financial certainty ; taking home a regular and constant salary, especially in the long term, and companies do not extend full benefits schemes on to temporary workers; and personally for me the lack of holidays I have been able to take over the past year, but both these points obviously depend upon your own personal financial circumstances and responsibilities.

My experience with Solos Consultants:

When Solos first contacted me regarding a temporary assignment  I was a month in from being made redundant –  I was impressed at the speed and efficiency of their process; from the initial contact with Phil Sowter to the start my current contract assignment took only a matter of a couple of days, which after some weeks of applying for positions, was a welcomed change.  Phil and Olivia Robinson have been very professional and supportive throughout, and appreciated the way they listened to my needs initially and their suggestion of using an umbrella company.  I always find them so approachable and I am comfortable to contact them with any issues that may arise. I believe they are at the forefront of recruitment in Nottinghamshire. A big thank you for finding my ongoing contract assignment so quickly and you get my full recommendation anytime!

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