7 expert tips for job-hunting in 2016

As we all start to wind down for Christmas, now is the perfect time to start looking ahead to 2016. Proactive job-hunters shouldn’t necessarily be slowing down their search just because the year is ending, but they may want to re-think their strategy in the New Year. After all, this is when we all have the most enthusiasm and motivation to achieve our goals.

To help you with your job search in 2016, here are some expert tips to remember:

  1. Make use of social media tools like Twitter. Jacob Share at JobMob recommends taking to Twitter to find a new job, starting with personal branding and networking with key contacts in your industry.
  2. Refresh and revamp your CV. The first day of January is the ideal time to give your CV a spruce-up. Key points to remember – keep your CV concise and job-relevant, avoid obvious clichés like ‘team player’ and ‘conscientious worker’ and bring to the fore your unique selling points (USPs). For tips on writing a great CV, TotalJobs.com has some really useful advice
  3. Make a list of your best personal qualities. According to Tanya de Grunwald, founder of GraduateFog.co.uk, we shouldn’t all be solely focused on degrees and qualifications. Personal qualities matter too, such as being really good with people, coming up with innovative ideas or teaching others. So, when looking for a job, look for those you’d be good at, as well as those you’re qualified for.
  4. Research your chosen industry and talk to key players. If you’re serious about working in a particular industry, you need to know it inside-out, as well as all the latest developments and trends. Offering advice for those who’ve been out of work for some time, consultant and career expert Rowan Manahan recommends doing serious research, reaching out to social media contacts to build your network and speak to anyone in your chosen industry who’ll meet with you.
  5. Practice interviewing. You might feel a little silly, but practising interviewing with friends or family can help you to be prepared and polished when it comes to the real thing. ExpertBeacon.com recommends working on answering and asking questions, body language and eye contact, as well as that all-important interview wardrobe.
  6. Create a system and a strategy for job-hunting. You need to be organised, targeted and systematic to get the best results. Rowan Manahan recommends setting up Google Alerts for your ideal job or chosen industry, but you should also target companies directly and look for vacancies on their websites that may not be advertised anywhere else.
  7. Look for volunteering opportunities. This is another top ExpertBeacon.com tip, helping you to get experience and make connections in your chosen field. Plus, you never know when a volunteer position could lead to a job offer!

For advice and help finding your ideal new career in 2016, or for specialist recruitment services for your business, get in touch with the expert team at SOLOS Consultants.

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