The 5 essential steps for perfect tech recruitment

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Hiring the wrong person is nearly always a costly mistake. However, when recruiting for tech, IT and digital roles, it can be a real catastrophe to discover you’ve hired the wrong individual. This is because these are skilled, specialist positions that not just anyone can do, nor is it feasible or cost-effective to try to bring your new hire up to speed.

This is why it is crucial to get it right first time when hiring for a digital, tech or IT position. Here are the 5 essential steps you must follow, which should give you the best chance of finding the best talent for your business:

  1. Creating the right profile. If you don’t know exactly who you’re looking for, what chances have you of finding him or her? An accurate, detailed and thoroughly considered profile, along with a job description, should be created before you even advertise the position.


  1. Getting the perfect pitch. When trying to find the ideal new employees to fill vacancies, many businesses forget that they also need to sell themselves. Decide which benefits of the role or attractive features of the company are your best unique selling points (USPs) and use them to put together a compelling pitch for prospective candidates.


  1. Developing outreach strategies. Now you know who you’re looking for and why they may want to work for you, the next step is to get out there and find them. This can be the trickiest part – knowing where to look and which networks to tap into. Start with your existing network of contacts and come up with a strategy to broaden it. recommends working with a recruiter to really expand your reach, as well as to put the legwork in to create a talent pipeline using platforms such as LinkedIn.


  1. Initial qualification, vetting and skills screening. Ensuring that employer and candidate are on the same page in terms of essential skills and experience, salary and eligibility is essential in order to avoid wasting anyone’s time. These are things that you can’t change, so if you’re poles apart there isn’t much point in proceeding. These checks can be very time-consuming, which is another reason many employers choose to recruiters, especially those like SOLOS with experience in checking technical and skill aptitude for the IT and digital sectors.


  1. A candidate may look fantastic on paper, but if their personality, professional goals and work ethos do not align with that of the business, they may not be the right fit. This is where in-depth interviewing is essential. You simply cannot appoint a candidate based on facts and figures on paper, without getting to know more about them and the way they work.

Recruitment for the tech, IT and digital sectors can be a time-intensive process, but it is essential to ensure you end up with right candidate, first time. This is why many employers choose to have SOLOS Recruitment Consultants handle everything but the first and last steps (the most time-consuming parts of the process) for them.


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