What our clients think
of SOLOS Consultants.
What our clients think...
Helen from Solos has been a valuable asset to our school, giving up her time to support our students on several occasions since 2014. Helen has supported our students by conducting mock interviews with them. These are the first interviews that our students have ever had, and Helen provides her expert support, advice and feedback to help them to improve, ready for the real thing.
Careers Manager / Ellis Guilford School & Sports College
I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed I have been with Mo Shariff. This week I sent my CV to him for a job that was being advertised with yourselves. Since Mo received my CV, he called me literally 5 mins after, then that evening he sent it to the client , and he has been in constant contact since and secured me an interview this morning. The interview went extremely well and thankfully they want to see me again next week in the hope I can secure a position with them. I had applied for this through another agency but we think they didn't send it through, thankfully Mo saw that the experience I had matched what the client was looking for and he worked tirelessly on my behalf. Although there is still a long way to go, I just wanted to let you know that Mo exemplifies all that all consultant should be, and I can say he has been the best consultant I have dealt with from any agency over the last few weeks whilst looking for a new position. He has supported me and even this morning put my mind at ease prior to my interview, as it has been nearly five years since my last one. I am now in a confident state of mind and know I can secure this position as I have all the skills and attributes they are looking for. Please pass on my thanks to Mo, he deserves a lot of credit.
I want to say firstly how much I have enjoyed being with you and your services have been top rate and I will personally have no hesitation in recommending your services to others in the future. Thanks again for your professional and smooth services and keep up the good work!
If I can take the opportunity to say how great you (Jeni) and this agency has been though, you've been the best I've ever used and you personally are a diamond to the company.
I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed by you and your colleagues when I have contacted Solos. It is refreshing to find a professional and friendly agency these days. Knowing that things were dealt with as soon as they arose gives me confidence in temp work again. Also, I appreciated you (Emma) only getting involved when you had to. I believe Solos to be a credit to your industry.
Andrew H
Just want to say how impressed I am with Solos after hearing lots of horror stories about agency working lovely that everything has gone smoothly from how quick you got me in there and to be paid without any problems would definitely recommend you
When developing and delivering training programs for Helen within her business I always found her to be very professional and have high integrity. It was obvious to me that she had tremendous knowledge and expertise within her market and was very well respected by all of her staff.
Nigel Heald
MD / Coaching & Training
I would like to thank SOLOS Consultants for their help throughout my assignment. Philip Sowter was very helpful placing me in the role and answering all my queries in a timely manner in the early days of the role. Olivia Robinson has been extremely helpful with all my payroll, timesheet and other queries over the past 5 months. Thank you both for your help
Commercial Candidate
SOLOS Consultants Ltd is a dynamic and thriving business which is passionate about employee welfare and is a shining example of how great management gets the best out of people. The company prides itself on looking after its workforce, which is reflected in the fact that its employees are hardworking, happy and loyal.
I’ve enjoyed working with all of you for almost three years now, you’ve always provided excellent support at all times. You offer a personal service which is uncommon
My time with SOLOS has been without incident and I have been provided with a perfect service… When a company does a good job nobody talks about them, when they do a bad job everybody knows! I have always sung your praises Donna because you have helped me enormously, even when I've messed up, so thank you very much for all your time and help.
Once again thanks for all the hard work you have been doing on my behalf getting me the interviews at your client. It’s a breath of fresh air to get a straight talking agent who you know is on your side. I’m really keen to get the role as it would be great for my skills and career progression.
At last - an absolute breath of fresh air within the recruitment industry ! Philip Sowter has done an outstanding job assisting my search for a new position in an alternative sector whilst making use of transferable client service skills. Make Philip your first choice recruitment partner for your next career move.
I just want to say that Phil Sowter is fab!! He’s on the ball and he’s a total gem. His rapport is second to none, and would definitely recommend him and Solos to anybody who asks. In fact everyone I’ve spoken to at Solos have been very friendly, willing to help and go out their way to help if they can.
By the way, I never did go to any other agencies because I didn’t feel the need to, you have been supplying very relevant candidates so it would have been a complete waste of time.  Thanks to you and the team for the effort involved so far in getting these CV’s to me.
I have been working with Solos for a number of years in the placement of contract and permanent employees and have continued to do so through several positions. There are many recruitment businesses who represent a lot of good candidates and to a large extent finding skills and CV’s is the easy part, where I appreciate and need the input of a recruiter is to take time to validate and confirm the CV’s and the skills to the level I need in my business and to go to the extra effort to find and match the types of people I need in my business, that is what makes my life easier. I find Solos have a very high success rate with their candidates as the level of personal assessment has been done and candidates who arrive have an appreciation for the culture of my business as well as the skills for the role. That comfort comes from working with a consistent team at Solos and them working hard on their candidates. I would highly recommend as a recruiting manager investing time in building a relationship with the Solos team and getting to know them and allowing them to get to know you, that investment will serve you well.
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you and your team for being responsive, co-operate and by far the best recruitment agency I have dealt with this year. You have made recruiting easy and put up with my demands!! So Thank You!!